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Updated information about the Fair, including key appointments, interviews, specific focuses, guests’ features, exclusive insights, links to relevant articles and much more: a brand new dynamic communication in pure BCBF style

Bologna Children’s Book Fair is not just a trade show for business professionals. From the outset it has been those few special days in the year when different skills, expertise, experience, people and emotions come together, creating a collective energy that spills over into the city of Bologna for four long days, but which also continues as the many new projects and partnerships started at the fair take shape.

Down the years, the BCBF has broadened the raft of events organised around the world during the intervening year, strengthening relations among the community of sector professionals and reaching beyond the traditional confines of a yearly tradeshow to become a cultural and economic operator in many points of the globe all year round. In short, we took on a role that afforded us the Eric Carle Honors “Bridge” Category Award.

Alongside its activity as organiser or co-organiser of other tradeshows in the world, the BCBF also develops - in partnership with prestigious international partners - many exhibitions and events as part of its underlying mission to disseminate quality children’s books as widely as possible. This also involves partnering with key sector-specific events, and maintaining constant online and social media contact with the large children’s book publishing community.

We soon realised, however, that we had to take things a step further. So, in order to share all the exciting things coming out of BCBF, we have developed FairTales, a new online magazine broadening the range of topics on BCBF’s digital hub – i.e. its website, social channels, newsletter, apps, BCBF Global Rights Exchange, and BCBF Galleries - and give more space to BCBF initiatives, programmes and people.

FairTales takes the form of a blog, collecting and posting continuously updated information on meeting times, interviews, insights, articles, guests, in-depth views, opinions and lots more - all presented in our lively, easy-to-read BCBF style.

FairTales has something for everyone, from the huge consolidated international community of illustrators, authors, graphic designers, and artists, to publishing specialists from every corner of the globe - publishers, agents, translators, booksellers, librarians, cultural promoters and all those involved in the creation and dissemination of children’s books.

FairTales extends the BCBF Experience, giving fascinating insights into the enormous amount of work that goes on behind-the-scenes. It’s also the ideal place to keep up with the most interesting emerging trends, providing great opportunities to meet and compare notes with others through your smart phone or computer.

FairTales: the Stories, the People and the Magic of BCBF.

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