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BOP2020 - Companhia das Letras, Brazil

Let’s meet the BOP 2020 nominees

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The celebration for the 2020 BOP – Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year is a key part of the BCBF Online Special Edition. The BOP Prize is awarded each year to showcase editorial projects, professional skills and intellectual qualities of work from publishing houses all over the world.  Let’s meet Companhia das Letras, nominee for CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA!


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Grupo Companhia das Letras has the largest market share of Brazilian trade publishers according to GFK, and now encompasses seventeen imprints in all with over 5,000 active titles in its vast catalog. This federation of imprints allows the Group to enjoy all the benefits of scale, with an expressive presence on the Brazilian publishing market, whilst guaranteeing the independence of each imprint, meeting the communication and promotional needs of each niche and maintaining a close relationship with the authors—the publisher’s greatest assets.  

Companhia das Letrinhas, its outstanding children imprint, was established in 1992 with the purpose of offering books tuned with children’s sensibility, capable of stimulating reasoning, creativity and an early interest in books, with editorial care and high standards for text and illustrations. Its distinguished catalogue of non-fiction and fiction titles, for children from 0 to 12 years old, includes some very prestigious authors from Brazil and abroad, such as Astrid Lindgren, Roger Mello, Lemony Snicket, Beatrix Potter, Ana Maria Machado, Dr. Seuss and William Steig.

Companhia das Letras

On the Bookshelf

Roger Mello, Carvoeirinhos, Companhia das Letrinhas

Otávio Júnior and Vanina Starkoff, Da minha janela, Companhia das Letrinhas

André Rodrigues, Pedro Markum, Paula Desgualdo, Larissa Ribeiro, Eleição dos Bichos, Companhia das Letrinhas

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