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BolognaBookPlus: meet the Guest Director!

an interview with Jacks Thomas

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There's some excitement in the air already about BolognaBookPlus. Comprising not only an exhibition, there is a one-day industry conference and a self-publishing conference. 

BolognaBookPlus - organized in collaboration with the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) - is is co-located with the children's fair.

The headline event will be an international conference for professionals from all areas of the publishing industry - it will examine the overarching challenges from changing business models, technological enablement, accessibility, sustainability and inclusivity.

Today, we present you the former director of the London Book Fair and current Guest Director of BolognaBookPlus: Jacks Thomas. And we do so featuring episode 4 of the Klopotek Publishing Radio podcast, "From London to Bologna, Book Fairs and more – An interview with Jacks Thomas".

You'll be able to find out more about her and her plans for BolognaBookPlus. 

Listen to Jacks Thomas talking about who is on her guest list for dinner, why "such fun" is the phrase that brought her to where she is today, and what she learned about human nature from attending book fairs.

Enjoy the podcast, and stay tuned for more stories, informations and previews of the amazing new journey we'll do together through BolognaBookPlus.


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