Third stop: Guadalajara!

Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara
25 November – 3 December 2023

Area International - HH11

The Guadalajara Book Fair is a key event in the field of general book fairs, second only to Frankfurt, in a part of the world that has a special interest in Italy and that continues to represent for BCBF an area of great potential and a point of reference for the entire Latin American and Spanish-speaking publishing world. It represents an important opportunity for networking and growth for BCBF.

The Illustrators Survival Corner – one of the most successful initiatives developed as part of BCBF, in collaboration with Mimaster Illustrazione – the exhibitions Italian Excellence. Illustrations for Italo Calvino and Honour List – Turn the World Upside Down together with a rich programme of events, will form the main pillars at Guadalajara.

At the Guadalajara International Book Fair, Bologna Licensing Trade Fair/Kids – the Licensing event taking place in the heart of the Bologna Children's Book Fair – invites illustrators to meet at the BCBF booth to submit their portfolio and talent in order to be pre-selected and attend the Licensing Portfolio Reviews in Bologna, in April 2024: for the first time in 2024, indeed, the BLTF/Kids will be enriched with the Licensing Portfolio Reviews, a new and innovative way to bring together the big names of animation, brands and manufacturers of consumer goods - and everything revolving around these categories - together with the talents of illustration and design.

A unique occasion to be part of a special event and to meet key players of an industry that looks for new talents and create new opportunities for collaboration.


The main events


Monday 27 November

4 pm | Forum Italy Hall


What it takes... to make a children's book

In partnership with Mimaster Illustrazione

From creative intuition to the bookshelf: the key steps in the extraordinary adventure of creating books for young readers.


6 pm | E-book Forum


Reading in the 21st Century

In partnership with Instituto Emilia

The session Reading in the 21st Century looks at reading patterns today, the challenges these pose, and how to create a new generation of young readers. Current literary production and its historical roots are examined with the aim of helping facilitators promote reading against the backdrop of our contemporary world.


Tuesday 28 November

3 pm | Forum Italy Hall


What it takes… to make an illustrated magazine

In partnership with BolognaBookPlus and Mimaster Illustrazione

From theory to practice: a great opportunity to take a close look at how magazine illustrations present the world and ideas.


Wednesday 29 November

4 pm | Forum Italy Hall


From Bologna to the world: the journey of an editorial concept - how “The Illustrators Survival Corner” came about

In partnership with Mimaster Illustrazione

A short story of a long journey: how an illustrated leaflet led to “The Illustrators Survival Corner”, a ‘home’ for illustrators from all over the world.