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The European Book Fairs Network


ALDUS UP the network of European book fairs, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is part of the Aldus Up project that build upon the successful experience of Aldus, the European Book Fairs network promoting the internationalisation of the book sector and the innovation of book fairs formats.

Aldus Up will develop studies, surveys and initiatives addressing core topics for the book sector: trends and promotion of translations in Europe, changes in reading habits - with particular attention to the impact of digitisation – innovation for books and reading promotion, new models for book fairs to develop and engage with their audience, foster transnational mobility of book professionals and increase inclusivity for specific target groups, in particular visually impaired people, linguistic minorities and migrants.

Publications and information resources developed by Aldus Up are presented in dedicated events hosted by European book fairs and made available online in form of articles, in-depth analyses and studies on the Aldus Up knowledge platform K-HUB, including some exclusive contents for members of the Aldus Community.

Aldus Up - Building Bridges in the Book World – is a large-scale cooperation project co-funded in the framework of Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE). In line with the richness and variety of the European book sector, the Aldus up partnership features both international and domestic book-fairs, national and European publishers’ associations and organisations with consolidated know-how and experiences in the areas of activities addressed by the project. 


Among the initiatives promoted by the Bologna Children's Book Fair and BolognaBookPlus to support and disseminate Aldus Up’s goals are projects and events dedicated to translation, reading promotion, changes in reading habits, and technological innovation – with a special focus on the impact of AI on the publishing industry.

In addition, within the framework of Aldus Up, the Bologna Book Fair has developed the Bologna Global Rights Exchange: the virtual marketplace dedicated exclusively to the international rights, distribution and licensing of content. Born in 2020, the GRE has become a key tool of the BCBF digital strategy and host approximately 22,000 titles and more than 200 properties. It ensures the international community complete and constant support and plays an active role throughout the year enabling BCBF exhibitors and visitors to continue to display, discover and trade rights across the world. 

Monday, 8 April

10.30-11.15 - BBPLUS Theatre
Do Androids Dream of Great Alternative Descriptions for Images?

  • A crucial component of accessibility is providing reliable alternative descriptions for images. However, crafting alternative descriptions for images stands out as a particularly challenging task for publishers, due to the need for specialised knowledge and the amount of time to ensure accuracy. This is especially pronounced when attempting to make backlist titles accessible, as they were not originally designed with accessibility in mind. Fondazione LIA will explore the world in which AI meets the alternative description of images with insights from professionals in the field, exposing both the possibilities through a showcase of the options available and the concrete applications already adopted by the industry.
  • Speakers: Gautier Chomel, Project Manager, EDRLab; Gregorio Pellegrino, Chief Accessibility Officer, Fondazione LIA; Paolo Casarini, CTO / IT Director, Società Editrice il Mulino. Moderator: Elisa Molinari, Project Manager, Fondazione LIA.
  • Organized by BBPlus
  • In cooperation with Fondazione LIA
  • In the framework of  Aldus Up, ABELab

11.30-12.20 - BBPlus Theatre
The Italian General Book Market 2023, with a Focus on the Children's Book Market: Destination Frankfurt

  • A presentation of the latest available data of the Italian publishing market to foreign operators: sales, titles published, translation rights sold. Followed by an insight on the children’s book market, its growth despite the demographic crisis, the differences among age groups, the role of internationalisation.
  • Speaker: Bruno Giancarli, Research Department, AIE - Associazione Italiana Editori.
  • Organized by BBPlus
  • In cooperation with AIE - Associazione Italiana Editori
  • With the support of ITA-Italian Trade Agency and MAECI-Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • In the framework of Aldus Up

12.30-13.20 - Authors Café     

Stories across media. New forms of reading and storytelling for children from the BolognaRagazzi Crossmedia Awards 2024

  • Through digital media, children and young adults experience new forms of reading and storytelling, within complex narrative worlds in which books are joined by movies and TV series, webcomics and webnovels, podcasts and audiobooks, immersive and interactive stories. Now in its 4th edition, the BolognaRagazzi CrossMedia Award explores these new forms of storytelling, selecting the best cross-media projects and the most effective screen reading experiences for children and teenagers.
  • Speakers: Warren Buckleitner, editor, Children’s Technology Review; Julie Fox, Founder, Serendipity Animation; Neal Hoskins, Founder, WingedChariot; Beatrice Yong-in Lin, Co-founder, CO.MINT Inc.; Elisa Salamini, Co-founder, ContentMakers and Mamamò.it; Ian Schaapman, CEO, The Mouse Mansion Company BV, The Netherlands; Catalina Holguín, Director, Makina Editorial Biblioteca Digital MakeMake, Colombia.
  • Organized by Bologna Children's Book Fair
  • In cooperation with Mamamò
  • In the framework of Aldus Up

13.00-13.45 - BBPlus Theatre

Gen Z, AI, and the Search for New Purpose in Publishing and Beyond

  • The advent of AI and rise of Generation Z are catalyzing sweeping changes in the publishing industry and society more broadly. As AI enables automation that doubles economic efficiencies, it raises profound questions about how to allocate newly freed-up human time and attention. Simultaneously, Gen Z's penchant for questioning established norms is accelerated by AI's instant access to collective knowledge. Literature stands to be reinvigorated as young influencers use AI to enable bold new writing that reexamines fundamental assumptions about how the world operates. The result could be a publishing renaissance built on innovative ideas and original expression. This session will explore how the interplay between AI and Gen Z thinking is shaping everything from publishing houses to educational institutions to democratic governance. Beyond transforming the printed page, these forces promise to redefine learning, literature, and the very purpose of human endeavor. Nadim will look at both the opportunities and ethical challenges presented by AI's broad influence spanning publishing, education, and democracy.
  • Speaker Nadim Sadek, CEO, Shimmr AI.
  • Organized by BBPlus
  • In the framework of Aldus Up

15.00-15.50 - Illustrators Survival Corner

La proprietà intellettuale nell'era dell'intelligenza artificiale: sfide e ripercussioni - Masterclass

  • The event will be held in Italian: Le leggi sul diritto d’autore sono progettate per proteggere le opere create dall'uomo, ma cosa succede quando l’Intelligenza Artificiale genera opere originali? Le azioni delle macchine di AI possono dar luogo a violazioni dei diritti di proprietà intellettuale, e l’enorme numero di immagini, testi e musica generati sta sollevando una serie di domande e di sfide.
  • Speaker: Beatrice Cunegatti, avvocato, Fondatrice, IT Law Firm - Studio Legale Cunegatti.
  • In cooperation with IT Law Firm - Studio Legale Cunegatti
  • In the framework of Aldus Up

17.30-18.15 - Authors Café

Higher-level reading, AI and book publishing: the Ljubljana reading manifesto

  • Digitalization is one of the fastest accelerators of change in human history. The World Wide Web, social media and the explosive growth of English as a global language of communication connect us across geographical and linguistic boundaries; thanks to the unprecedented development of natural sciences, we are looking into the deepest darknesses of the universe and exploring the secrets of the human genome; even more so, we have developed virtually intelligent machines that could immeasurably accelerate scientific development in the coming decades and change the current rules in the process of creating textual content. But we also live in a time when stupidity and vulgarity are not only on public display but are becoming a political virtue, and social media enclose us in bubbles where we lose sense of the differences between facts and beliefs, arguments and biases, ideologies and scientific methods. How to understand such a complex, fluid and entangled world? And how does book publishing fit into all of this? How to communicate all these complexities in book formats without getting lost in simplifications? And what role does higher level reading play in understanding the complexity of today's world? Is it an obscure intellectual technique that is becoming obsolete, or is it something that cannot be replaced by a range of new media activities, and we need to rethink its position both in publishing and in the cultural landscape as a whole?.
  • Speakers: Karine Pansa, President, IPA; Kristenn Einarsson, CEO, World Expression Forum; Christoph Bläsi, University of Mainz and Aldus up; Luis González, Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez, Aldus Up.
  • Moderator: Miha Kovač
  • Organized by JAK - Slovenian Book Agency
  • In the framework of Slovenia Guest of Honour, Aldus Up


Tuesday, 9 April

10.30-11.15 - AIE Italian Collective Stand, BBPlus Area

Tales of EUkraine: Intermediate ResultsTales Of Eukraine: Intermediate Results

  • Organized by Ukrainian Book Instutue Anhelina Trofymchuk

13.00-13.45 - BBPlus Theatre

In the AI of the Beholder: How to See the Human Reading Behind the AI

  • The possibilities and perils of Generative AI have dramatically shaken every industry this year including the publishing world. We need to bring a human centred approach to design the use of technology ethically and responsibly for our readers. From AI, AR/VR, AirPods and Amazon Kindle to Nintendo Wii, Whatsapp, Microsoft Zoom all A to Z technologies are rapidly changing the way readers create, curate, share and read. These new technologies have both enhancing and damaging influences on readers. Based on disciplines such as human centred design and behaviour economics, we can design AI technology that can make reading useful, usable, beautiful, joyful, sustainable and responsible for every single reader around the world. This session draws attention to the human holding the AI, not just AI itself, opening up new opportunities for the publishing world to help change the world for the better.
  • Speaker: Priya Sathiyam, Design Director, Fractal.
  • Organized by BBPlus
  • In the framework of Aldus Up

16.00-16.45 - BBPlus Theatre

Unlocking AI, VR, AR in Publishing: Tools for Authoring and Digital Content Creation

  • The dynamic intersection of AI, VR, and AR in publishing is a fact. Innovative authoring tools and cutting-edge solutions are changing the digital content creation and distribution. How can these technologies and tools really empower authors in crafting immersive experience able to engage audiences like never before? How can the publisher unlock the potential of AI-driven creativity and redefine the future of publishing and storytelling? Enjoy our presentation to talk about this incoming publishing revolution.
  • Speakers: Sam Habibi Minelli, GruppoMeta; Giorgio Genta, Vice President, ETT Group.
  • Organized by BBPlus
  • In the framework of Aldus Up


Wednesday, 10 April

9.30-10.30 - Translators Café

I mestieri del fumetto

  • Preziosa occasione di approfondimento sulle figure e i mestieri del fumetto si inserisce nel ciclo di incontri, organizzato dalla Commissione Comics e Graphic Novels di AIE, con professionisti del settore che condivideranno la propria esperienza. Dopo aver esplorato gli ambiti della redazione, dello scouting e della creazione del portfolio, è la volta del lettering e della traduzione.
  • Speakers: Paola Cantatore, Editor, Franco Cosimo Panini Editore; Alessandro Nalli, Production Manager, Panini Comics; Fabio Gamberini, traduttore, Panini Comics; Anna Martino, traduttore , Mondadori; Marco Ficarra, CEO, Studio RAM.
  • Organized by AIE - Commissione Comics & Graphic Novels
  • In the framework of Aldus Up

11.00-11.50 - BBPLUS Theatre

Translation Forum: marketing and promotion of Books in Translation: Who, How and Why?

  • In various book markets worldwide, a significant portion of the literature available is comprised of translations from foreign languages into the native language. Publishers and booksellers face the task of effectively marketing and selling these translated books to the general public. One key question arises: do marketing and promotion techniques differ for translated literature? Additionally, what challenges and opportunities do publishers and booksellers encounter in the sale of translated books? Moreover, how does the author and translator contribute to the marketing process when their book is available in multiple languages? Lastly, the panel will provide practical steps and advice for creating a successful campaign for translated literature.
  • Organized by BBPlus
  • In the framework of Aldus Up
12.00-13.00 - BBPlus Theatre

European Prize for Literature: Announcement and Networking Drinks

  • Organized by BBPlus

14.30-15.20 - Authors Café

Navigating the Future: AI Tools for Publishers

  • Join us for a fascinating panel discussion on the exciting intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and publishing today. Our panellists will delve into how AI is transforming various aspects of publishing. From marketing strategies to printing processes and content creation, we’ll explore the innovative solutions that are reshaping the landscape. Whether you’re a publisher, marketer, or content creator, this panel promises insights and practical takeaways to reinforce our believe that AI and human ingenuity can coexist in the world of children’s books
  • Speakers: Ashley Gordon, Publishing Market Development Manager for the Page Wide Industrial Division of HP Inc.; Sebastian Wehner, CEO of Wonderz and Wolkenlenker, pioneers in multimedia distribution and family entertainment.; Sam H. Minelli, responsible for international partnerships for digital publishing and education sectors, creative industries at Gruppo Meta; Searsha Sadek, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Shimmr.
  • Moderator: Neal Hoskins, CEO WingedChariot, a company that focuses on innovation and brand expansion in publishing.
  • Organized by BCBF
  • In cooperation with WingedChariot
  • In the framework of Aldus Up
Documents and materials


2021, 2022 and 2023 Bologna Children's Book Fair & Aldus Up



Among the initiatives promoted by Bologna Children's Book Fair to support and disseminate the objectives of Aldus Up are projects and meetings dedicated to technological innovation, in particular the BolognaRagazzi CrossMedia Award, the recognition aimed at publishing projects developed through different media conceived by BCBF and now in its third edition, which this year welcomes a new competition category dedicated to digital bookshops able to offer innovative and effective reading experiences the Global Rights Exchange the digital platform dedicated to the exchange of publishing rights and licensing of content developed during the pandemic period and still active today, having become a valuable tool for publishers around the world to maintain active global relations and exchanges throughout the year, while waiting to meet in person at the next edition of BCBF. The GRE is now also open to the participation of publishers and exhibiting companies in the spaces of BolognaBookPlus, Bologna Licensing Trade Fair/Kids and in the Comics Corner.
6 March 2023
10.30 - 11.15
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29 Mall 1
Accessible Illustrated Books and Where to Find Them

New technologies and the adoption of standards allow publishers to create digital publications accessible since the first publication, the so-called Born accessible publications. Complex layout books, as children’s books, require specific knowledge to achieve this goal. Thanks to the participation of international experts working in the field, the seminar will provide an insight on the opportunities and the challenges for the companies working in this market segment.

  • European Accessibility Act and illustrated books: what is it required.
  • Fixed layout children’s books: dream or reality? One of the first international case study.
  • Image descriptions: how to provide meaningful descriptions for different categories of images (photos, infographics, schemes, graphs)

Speakers: Gregorio Pellegrino, Chief Accessibility Officer of Fondazione Libri Italiani Accessibili; Beatrice Martelli, Editor, The Passenger, Iperborea; Maruizio Mattioli, Director of the Educational Digital Projects, Zanichelli Editori
Organized by BBPlus
In cooperation with Fondazione Libri Italiani Accessibili
In the framework of Aldus Up

6 March 2023
11.30 - 12.45
BBPlus Theatre –  Hall 29 Mall 1
Greece Market of Honour BBPLUS 2023 Programme
The Italian Book Market: Facts & figures and Greek Book Market
Speakers: Bruno Giancarli, AIE Research Department; George Andrew Zannos, Managing Director OSDEL - Collective Management Organization for Literary Works
Organized by BBPlus
In cooperation with The Italian Publishers Association
In the framework of Aldus Up 

6 March 2023
13.00 - 13.45
BBPlus Theatre –  Hall 29 Mall 1
From Measuring Reading to achieving its growth: the Evolution of ERICS and Reading Promotion
Speakers: Christoph Blässi, Johannes Gutenberg University; Kristenn Einarsson, Norwegian Publishers Association; Luis González, Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation; Bruno Giancarli, Associazione Italiana Editori
Organized by BBPlus
In the framework of Aldus Up

6 March 2023
13.00 - 13.50
The Illustrators Survival Corner - Masterclass Area – Hall 30
The State of Artificial Intelligence - Friend or Foe? - Masterclass with Julien Palier
The recent release of new powerful Artificial Intelligence models, with acclaimed tools like chatGPT, are forcing us to rethink how we work and create. But is Ai a threat, or an opportunity?
Speakers: Julien Palier, former journalist, entrepreneur in Tech and Ai, in charge of Product Management at Aily Labs

6 March 2023
13.30 - 14.20
Authors Café – Hall 30
Stories across media. How children and young adults experience new forms of reading and storytelling in the digital dimension
In the digital space children and young adults experience news forms of reading and storytelling in complex narrative worlds in which books become webcomics and webnovels, podcasts and audiobooks, video and tv series, immersive and interactive stories.
Now in its third edition, the BolognaRagazzi Crossmedia Award (BRCMA), organised in the framework of the European project Aldus Up and in collaboration with Mamamo', is an international award for excellence and innovation of publishing projects that expand their narrative universe through different media in a particularly effective way, identifying narratives that have been able to migrate from traditional forms of publishing to other platforms. Starting with this edition, the BRCMA dedicates a new category to digital libraries that are able to offer reading experiences on the screen in an effective way.
Speakers: Warren Buckleitner, editor Children’s Technology Review; Kuo-Yu Liang, consultant in Pop-Culture & Publishing Ku Worldwide; Gareth Osborne, artistic director, Wonderspun Researcher, University of Bristol; Moderator Roberta Franceschetti, Co-founder, ContentMakers/
Organized by Bologna Children's Book Fair
In cooperation with Mamamò
In the framework of Aldus Up

6 March 2023
Authors Café – Hall 30
Mixing the Digital and Physical World: two Publishing Projects for Today
From a top YouTube creator to storybook success - Super Simple is bringing their digital characters off the screen and onto the pages of printed books in a cross media collaboration with Scholastic. Brett Jubinville and Lauren Mowat will talk about their design process, working with their publisher and how they’re able to attract a new audience of readers using QR codes, their website and their award-winning subscription mobile app.
Mr Motivator Tik Tok - Nearly 60% of 16-25 year olds say that BookTok has switched them on to reading. Students will highlight a project and share some of the content they have been creating. The project will launch a new children’s series with digital and physical products about mental wellbeing, kindness and caring for the environment.
Speakers: Brett Jubinville, COO Super Simple; Lauren Mowat, designer and illustrator Super Simple; Debbie Williams, senior lecturer Manchester Metropolitan University; Student Group: Sarah Cartwright, Kathryn Austin, Ciara Hanley, Lydia Hickson, Mia Johnson, Olivia Dennison, Georgina Eley, Isobel Neill; Moderator: Neal Hoskins, WingedChariot
Organized by Bologna Children's Book Fair
In the framework of Aldus Up

6 March 2023
Services Centre - Wing D –  Sala Suite
Understanding the teenagers' relationship with reading
Luis González will present some conclusions from two qualitative research in Spain by FGSR: with teenagers and with professionals who work with them (teachers, librarians and booksellers).
Mamamò will present their reflections on the new behaviour patterns of teenagers
Speakers: Luis González, FGSR (Spain) and Elisa Salamini
Organized by BBPlus Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez
In cooperation with Bologna Children's Book Fair
In the framework of Aldus Up

7 March 2023
09.45 - 11.15
Services Centre - Wing D –  Sala Suite
La lettura in Italia da 0 a 14 anni
Organized by AIE – The Italian Publishers Association
In the framework of Aldus Up

7 March 2023
15.00 - 15.50
Illustrators Café with The Folio Society - Services Centre
Children's Laureates in Conversation
A panel discussion with seven Children’s Laureates and reading ambassadors from around the world
Speakers: Julia Eccleshare, chair; Áine Ní Ghlinn, Laureate na nÓg, Ireland; Joseph Coehlo, Waterstone’s Children’s Laureate, UK; Casi Wyn, Bardd Plant Cymru, Wales; Gabrielle Wang, Children’s Laureate, Australia; Tialda Hoogeveen, Berneboeke ambassadeur Fryslân, Friesland; Nioosha Shams, Sveriges läsambassadör, Sweden; Susanna Mattiangeli, Children’s Laureate, Italy.
Organized by Bologna Children's Book Fair
In the framework of Aldus Up

8 March 2023
17.00 - 17.45
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29 Mall 1
How Artificial Intelligence can make publishers more competitive and lead to higher quality and New Media Productions. The Management of massive resources and a personalization of readers’ experiences
Speakers: Adele Magnelli, International Project Manager, ETT; Sam Habibi Minelli, Business Manager at GruppoMeta
Organized by BBPlus

9 March 2023
12.00 - 12.50
Illustrators Café with The Folio Society - Services Centre
I mestieri del fumetto: come presentare il portfolio
Organized by Comics & Graphic Novels Commission, AIE and Lucca Comics & Games
In the framework of Aldus Up


The Bologna Children’s Book Fair, with its brand’s extension BolognaBookPlus, is part of the Aldus Up project, a large-scale cooperation project co-funded in the framework of Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE).

Also this year, Bologna Children’s Book Fair/BolognaBookPLus offer a programme of initiatives and events aimed at promoting Aldus Up’s goals.

14.00 – 14.45    
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29
The Impact of Elending on Purchasing Habits in Europe
Speakers: Ricardo Franco Levi, President of the Italian Publishers Association and Vice-President of the Federation of European Publishers
Seminar Organised by FEP

16.15 - 17.15
Translator Café- Hall 30
Round Table: Translation in an Intercultural Context 
Translating children's books into different cultures means not only processing the text into another language, but also transferring the level of illustration, which is an additional challenge. There, the different realities of children's lives play a big role: environment, skin colour, religion, etc. as well as cultural paradigms. 
Welcome: Marifé Boix Garcia, Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH, Germany
Speakers: Elisabeth Pérez Fernández, Illustrator, Spain  -  GoH 2022; Barbara Pregelj, Editor and Translator, Malinc, Slovenia -  GoH 2023; Ilide Carmignani, Translator, Italy - GoH 2024. Moderator: Mariela Nagle, Consultant, Germany
The event takes place in the frame of the European Project ALDUS UP, the European Book Fairs network promoting the internationalization of the book sector and the innovation of book fairs formats.
Organized by Frankurter Buchmesse GmbH

16.30 - 17.20
Authors’ Cafè
Stories on the Move. BolognaRagazzi CrossMedia Award 2022 Meet the Jury
This award aims to select the best publishing projects that expand their narrative universe across different media or that are a narrative extension of a project originated in other media. The International Jury of the Award, composed of experts in interactive and graphic design, new media, video game, film and television works, aims to identify books derived from multimedia projects and narratives originally produced by the world of traditional publishing that have successfully been included or expanded across other platforms such as television, cinema, videogames, mobile devices, or smart speakers.
Organized by BCBF

13.15 – 13.45    
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29
Understanding the new look. European Prize for Literature
A Conversation discussing the changes in the European Prize for Literature, and the effect these changes will bring about.
Speaker: Julie Belgrado, European and International Booksellers Federation; speaker Federation of European Publishers tbc
Organized by BBPLUS and European and International Booksellers Federation

14.00 – 14.45
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29                                                          
Let's Get Accessible       
The new legislation requires content producers to adapt their production flow and upgrade their skills by taking into account the need to create an accessible ecosystem; where everyone in the value chain has to do their part. How? The seminar will provide an overview of the recent evolution of the legislation on the subject (Marrakesh Treaty and European Accessibility Act) and the best practices to produce quality and accessible editorial content for people with print impairments.
LIA’s experts will present the advantages of making their content accessible to people with visual disabilities, thus creating an inclusive editorial proposal for every reader.
A focus on alternative text for images: publishing has always used images and visual representations of all kinds (photographs, illustrations, graphics, etc.) to enrich text and convey concepts and emotions to its readers in the best possible way. For example, in children’s books, visual content is of great importance.
During the conference, the topic of alternative texts will be explored: hidden texts inserted within the image that can be read by assistive technologies (such as Text to speech), in order to describe its content to those who cannot access the image through sight. The alternative text is a key element to ensure full accessibility and usability of content also by people with a visual disability.
This seminar is aimed in particular at editors, graphic designers and illustrators who work in the process of design and creation for images, infographics and graphics for paper, digital and web contents.
Speakers: Cristina Mussinelli, secretary general, Fondazione LIA; Elisa Molinari, project manager, Fondazione LIA; Filippo Floridia , Mondadori; Marta Fornasero D Scuola
Organized by BBPLUS with AIE and Fondazione LIA

14.30 – 15.30
Services Centre – Wing B Sala Bolero
Back to the Future - 10 Years into Digital Publishing: An Open Digital Forum for Children’s Publishers
A special event and gathering for all publishers wishing to discuss open routes into digital with experts from around the world. We will investigate the evolution of Audio apps, video, ebook and games development that can go make up a complimentary cross-media platform alongside publishing print books. This informal session gives publishers the chance to ask many direct questions to some of the best multimedia companies at the fair who will share their experience and diverse outputs along with giving out some practical tips on various routes to international markets today. The Open forum experts include Skyship Entertainment, Picboco, Wonderz, StoryToys, Plug-inMedia and The Children’s Technology Review.
Organized by BCBF in cooperation with Wingedchariot

15.00 – 15.45
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29 
Living with Books, Living with Covid: How Booksellers across Europe are Dealing with Change  
Five booksellers representing different European countries will explain how they are each dealing with the changes brought on by the pandemic, lessons learnt, and how to build and keep a resilient business.
Maren Kleppen, Bookseller, Norway; Raluca Selejan, Owner La Două Bufnițe, Romania; Julie Belgrado, EIBF and bookseller from Mr B’s Emporium, UK
Organized by BBPLUS and European and International Booksellers Federation

17.20 - 18.00
Authors Café - Mall Area
Diverse Digital Journeys: Two stories – Skyship Entertainment and Piboco
Ed Nawotka talks with Morghan Fortier and Brett Jubinville from Skyship Entertainment (Canada) on the development of their Super Simple kid’s brand and their entrance in the book publishing world. Comparing two different journeys through the world of digital content and looking at Piboco (Denmark) who have become the premium indie digital publisher for picture books today
Speakers: Ed Nawotka, international editor for Publisher Weekly, USA; Morghan Fortier and Brett Jubinville, Skyship Entertainment, Canada; Aksel Køie, Piboco, Denmark
Organized by BCBF in cooperation with Wingedchariot

9.30 – 10.00
Authors Café - Mall Area
Digital Firsts - Publishing Children’s Stories in Cross-Media Formats
Neal Hoskins, Digital consultant for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair talks with Sebastian Wehner, CEO Wonderz (Germany) and Juliet Tzabar, CEO Plug-in Media (UK) With their combined and varied experience in producing popular children’s IP within cross media formats they will highlight the different opportunities and challenges that publishers face in the creating complimentary media can centre around one main children’s character.
Speakers: Neal Hoskins, Digital consultant for BCBF; Sebastian Wehner, CEO Wonderz, Germany; Juliet Tzabar, CEO Plug-in Media, UK
Organized by BCBF in cooperation with Wingedchariot

9.40 - 10.30
Authors Café - Mall Area
The Very Hungry Caterpillar apps - an eight year overnight publishing success story.
Neal Hoskins BCBF digital consultant (UK) and Emmet O’Neill CEO, Story Toys (Ireland) investigate the onscreen journey of one the most loved picture books form Eric Carle. They will be working through the long and winding road of a route to success and seeing what makes the enduring story able to reinvent itself for the digital age without losing its original enigmatic draw.
Speakers: Warren Buckleitner, founding editor of The Children’s Tech Review, USA; Emmet O’Neill, CEO of Story Toys, Ireland
Organized by BCBF in cooperation with Wingedchariot

10.00 – 11.00
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29
Translation Forum: Nations Unite. What Sells Well, Where
This seminar considers trends in translation, and what is selling in translated books, in various markets.
Speakers: Viviana Vuscovich; Mauri Spagnol; Simona Olivito, Edizioni E/O Rome; Nopi Chatzigeorgiou, Inara Belinkaja, Jānis Roze Bookshop and Publishing, Latvia; Leonella Basiglini, Europa Editions.
Organized by BBPLUS

11.00 – 11.45
BBPlus Theatre – Hall 29                                                          
Translation Forum: Hot Topics in Translation Rights       
A debate around the challenges and hot topics that translated books, and those that translate, publish, sell them experience.
SpeakersRuth Ahmedzai Kemp, translator; Lawrence Schimel, author and anthropologist; Inara Belinkaja, owner of Jānis Roze Bookshop and Publishing, Latvia; Alīse Nīgale, Liels un Mazs; Fernanda Dantas, Brazilian Book Chamber; Emma House, Oreham Group
Organized by BBPLUS


Bologna Children’s Book Fair Global Rights Exchange

Machine Translation & Human Creativity – online International Conference (13 March 2021; on demand 20 March - 31 July) 
A close look at the characteristics, practice and recent results of machine translation of literary works, with special focus on children’s books. Prominent sector specialists take stock of the situation, considering the theory behind ongoing research but also engaging in practical workshops to take an in-depth look at the tools available and the results produced in the field of creative literary texts. 

BolognaRagazzi CrossMedia Award (Live 14 June 2021, available until 30 September 2021)
Bologna Children's Book Fair has decided to reformulate the BolognaRagazzi Digital Award – the digital prize created a decade ago –  to broaden its scope and strengthen its connection with the world of books, establishing an award to select the best publishing projects that expand their narrative universe across different media or that are a narrative extension of a project originated in other media. The International Jury of the Award, composed of experts in interactive and graphic design, new media, video game, film and television works, aims to identify books derived from multimedia projects and narratives originally produced by the world of traditional publishing that have successfully been included or expanded across other platforms such as television, cinema, videogames, mobile devices, or smart speakers.

Content Reigns Supreme. New Digital Landscapes in Publishing and Licensing – online Masterclass (22 April 2021; on demand until 31 July 2021)
What are the different approaches to making children’s content that is engaging and unique? How can you broaden your business through multiple media channels, brands and consumer experience? This online Masterclass combines the rich cross-media expertise of Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, from publishing through licensing and digital: an intense day of sessions and insights into the main global trends in children’s content development, reserved for professionals in the publishing, licensing, media, and digital fields.

The Worldwide Illustrators Survival Portfolio – online Portfolio Review (12 June 2021)
24 international reviewers –  illustrators, art directors and agents – connected in videoconference from all corners of the world to review the portfolios of 240 Illustrators and give them tips on how to proceed on a career path.

BolognaBookPlus Headline International Conference (Live 14 June 2021, on demand until 31 July 2021)
BBPlus presents its first global general publishing conference, entitled Forging Forward: The Pandemic – An Interruption or An Opportunity to Rethink? 
Co-chairs Bodour Al Qasimi, IPA President, and Richard Charkin, Mensch Publishing, will guide the audience through a packed programme covering the publishing business post-Covid, accessibility, education, inclusivity, changing business models, technological enablement, sustainability, and more. Lots of bonus content are included, in addition to the main programme. 

International Forum on Literary Translation (Live 14 June 2021available until 30 September 2021)
Down the rabbit hole: working (and surviving) as a translator of children’s books. What are the general working conditions for translators of children’s books in Europe? What are their fees, royalties, contracts, negotiating power and visibility? An international panel will discuss good practices in different countries with a focus on what can be done to improve the situation. 

BolognaBookPlus: Literary Translation Forum (Live 16 June 2021on demand until 31 July 2021) 
Literature crosses cultures and geographies through the expertise of literary translators, often seen as the unsung heroes in the publishing supply chain. This new Literary Translation Forum shines a light on this important sector. Two eminent translators will take part in a Translation Slam Italian/English, and speakers from around the globe will debate the current challenges and opportunities for those in the business of translating literature. Event’s partners at Words without Borders will help shape this important and compelling event. 

Dust or Magic Masterclass, Online Edition (Live 15 June 2021, available until 30 September 2021)
As part of the special 2021 online program, the Bologna Children's Book Fair is delighted to once again offer a unique edition of the Dust or Magic Masterclass for all those interested in and making digital media for children today. 
The event will focus on the juror reports from the new Crossmedia award, along with discussions on innovation, ethics, platform trends and — if time — demos. 
ModeratorWarren Buckleitner, Editor, Children’s Technology Review, USA
Speakers: Jurors of the Crossmedia Award, including Cristina Angelucci, Editor in Chief, Licensing Magazine, Italy; Julie Fox, IP Expert and Executive Producer, Ireland-France; Roberta Franceschetti, Co-Founder, Mamamò and TheContentMakers, Italy; Neal Hoskins, Founder, Wingedchariot, United Kingdom;

Pre Registration required.

FROM PAGE TO SCREEN: What makes a book or series of books a good work for screen projects (Live 16 June 2021, 05.30 PM)

We often hear phrases like:
Film Adaptations Of Books Earn 53% More At The Worldwide Box Office (Adam Rowe, Forbes, July 11th, 2018)
70% of the world’s top 20 grossing films are based on books (Frontier Economics)
65% of film released in 2015 were from book properties (
In the US over 47 books are becoming movies and TV shows in 2021 (Perpetual Page – Turner). In fact, the link between the audiovisual and the publishing industry is long standing and important. In this panel, publishing rights sales experts, production company readers and producers will discuss the key elements in a work that make them good screen projects.

Jackets Off Masterclass's "Covers Go Digital" (Live 17 June 2021, on demand until 31 July 2021)
The masterclass is dedicated to the theme of cover design in the era of digital access, seeking visuals that stay strong across different media.
The event includes a special video contribution by graphic designer, Steven Heller, who looks at his work as art director of The New York Times’ Book Review: putting a cover on the book supplement.


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