22 March, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM from Services Centre / Sala Suite

The meeting will look at reading promotion and reader training in vulnerable contexts. In a world of deepening social inequalities, aggravated by the worldwide pandemic, many children and young people don’t have access to books. Data on access to distance education show how many children have been penalized by poor access to electronic media, further increasing inequality around the world. Convinced that reading opens the door to personal and social development, many associations, social movements and institutions are committed to taking books to places where there are no libraries, putting in place inspirational community projects. The panel will provide a deep dive into some of these international movements, best practices and inspiring experiences.

Panel: Zohreh Ghaeni, Children’s literature expert, head of the Read with Me project, Iran; Bel Santos Mayer, Ibeac, Coordinator of the Human Rights Program at IBEAC - Brazilian Institute of Studies and Community Support, Brazil; Maria Beatriz Medina, Executive Director of the Banco del Libro, Venezuela; Dolores Prades, publisher Revista Emilia, Brazil; Alison Tweed, Chief Executive, Book Aid International, UK; Katherine Uwimana, expert in book development and innovative approaches to literacy, Rwanda.

Moderator: Patricia Aldana, publisher Aldana Books and president of IBBY Trust

Organized by BCBF