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12-15 April

Strega Prize Ragazze e Ragazzi 2016


Susanna Tamaro and Chiara Carminati are the winners of the first edition of the Strega Prize Ragazze e Ragazzi.


Salta, Bart! [Jump Bart!] (Giunti) by Susanna Tamaro for the category 6+ (for readers aged between 6-10) with 11 votes and Fuori fuoco [Out of Focus/Out of Range] (Bompiani) by Chiara Carminati for the category 11+ (for readers aged between 11-15) with 88 votes, received the most votes from a jury made up of readers aged between 6-15 years from fifty primary and secondary schools all across Italy.


All of the votes were made electronically through the Bellonci Foundation website: for the 6+ category, the class teachers were responsible for expressing the preference of their pupils (a total of 22 votes were cast from a possible 25), while for the 11+ category the children themselves voted (178 out of a possible 200). The authors of the two books each received a cheque for 5000 euros.



55 books competed in this first edition of the Prize in the two categories.


The five finalists were selected by the Prize committee, coordinated by President of the Bellonci Foundation, Tullio De Mauro and made up of Giuseppe Bartorilla, Emma Beseghi, Pino Boero, Ermanno Detti, Silvana Loiero, Carla Ida Salviati and Maria Romana Tetamo.


Category 6-10

Paolo di Paolo, La mucca volante, Bompiani

Siobhan Dowd, The Ransom of Dond, translated by Sante Bandirali, Uovonero

Maria Parr, Vaffelhjarte (Waffle Hearts), translated by Alice Tonzig, Beisler Editore

Goscinny & Sempé, Histoires inédites du Petit Nicolas Vol. 2, translated by Maria Vidale, Donzelli

Susanna Tamaro, Salta, Bart!, Giunti Editore


Category 11-15

Chiara Carminati, Fuori fuoco, Bompiani

Francesco D’Adamo, Dalla parte sbagliata, Giunti Editore

Vichi De Marchi, La trottola di Sofia, Editoriale Scienza

Beatrice Masini, La fine del cerchio, Fanucci Editore

Paola Zannoner, Zorro nella neve, Il Castoro