A Dive into the Sea of New Italian Comics

This unprecedented exhibition showcased - at BCBF from 6 to 9 March 2023 - a wide selection of comics published in recent years by 25 Italian publishers ranging from independent micropublishers to leaders in Italian comics, from historic publishers to others that have only recently joined the sector, and from experts in comics to trade publishers who in recent years have focused on graphic novels.

This selection highlights the great variety offered by these publishers and the artistic, narrative quality of the titles on display. These are productions from well-establised authors, but in the main, works from writers and illustrators under forty, some under thirty, who have re-innovated the graphic and thematic panorama of Italian comics. Among them we find not only 'pure' cartoonists, but also multifaceted authors, covering different graphic languages: a unique opportunity for international visitors to discover, or rediscover, the excellence of Italian comics. 

Marco Pellitteri, Associate Professor of Media and Communication, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University